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In me husband

 FashionNatic / MESH Adam Outfit  Hud Driven

This outfit contains:
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Hoodie
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Pants
* Hud to choose 25 Color for the Hoodie, Pants,Shoes
* Mesh Shoes (resize script)
* Alpha (multiple versions for other viewers)

In me

TRUTH HAIR Armelle -  blondes

B BOS -Lia Top-Grey-

Legal Insanity - gym pants diva pink -  exclusive to  exclusive to  The Garage Fair(Event) (26 april -10 may)

Immerschoen-BodyCult MESH High Sneakers Zelda black 50% at Color Me Project Black Open April 25 – May 9, 2015

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